Aotearoa is at Alert Level 4 Lockdown

Tiaki whakapapa, tiaki whānau, noho ki te kainga
Protect our whakapapa, protect our whānau, stay at home

Delayne Tutemahurangi

Beginning Tuesday 17th August 2021, 11:59pm - Aotearoa will enter Alert Level 4 Lockdown.


Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) & Coromandel will remain in Level 4 Lockdown until Tuesday 31 August 2021.
Nationwide, the rest of Aotearoa will remain in Level 4 Lockdown until Friday 27 August 2021.

These restrictions will be reviewed on Thursday 26 August 2021, (for Aotearoa), and Monday 30 August 2021, (for Tāmaki Makaurau).


Level 4 Lockdown mean:

  • Staying at home

    (unless you're an essential worker)

  • Bringing back the Bubble

    (Don't mix and mingle with others outside your bubble)

  • Safe recreational activities allowed

    (like waling and running is allowed in your local afrea)

  • Businesses, schools & universities are closed

    (unless essential services like doctors or supermarkets)

  • Travel severely limited

    (unless for essential services, always wear a mask if you must travel)

  • All gatherings to be cancelled

    (tangihanga, hui, rā whakanui)


For all updates and extra information, head over to the COVID-19 website:


Kāpõ Māori Aotearoa is here for you if you would like someone to chat with – you can call us via freephone 0800 770 990.


For easy access, you could also download the following Information sheets clicking them below. They are in MSWord Formats:


Credit for easy read version to the Māori Party Facebook page.