Kiwi Access Card

Here are the 10 top things you need to know about the Kiwi Access Card:

Delayne Tutemahurangi

10. Anyone can apply for a Kiwi Access Card including long-term or short-term visitors, international tourists as well as Kiwis.

9. The application is only NZD$55 (GST inclusive) and the Kiwi Access Card is valid for 10 years!

8. Kiwi Access Card applications are here, and can be processed at participating AA New Zealand and New Zealand Post locations nationwide giving you wider access and wider choice of locations across New Zealand.

7. Kiwi Access Card can be used as evidence of age and/or photographic identification in New Zealand (far safer than walking around with your passport if you are a long-term visitor or tourist).

6. Kiwi Access Card processing time with a successful application is less than two weeks.

5. Kiwi Access Card can be used as photographic identification to access banking services in New Zealand such as opening a bank account). It is a great cost effective option important for anyone who cannot get a Passport or Driver’s Licence. (Far cheaper than applying for a New Zealand Passport).

4. If you are 18 years of age or over, you can apply for and use your Kiwi Access Card to provide evidence of your age to enter bars and clubs or purchasing products at dairies, supermarkets or stockists that require you to be 18 years of age or over.

3. Kiwi Access Card enables access for people and offers life without limits for many more. You may have had to return your Driver's Licence - apply for a Kiwi Access Card as an alternative. You may be blind or have low vision - Kiwi Access Card has had braille features added for safety and security.

2. Kiwi Access operate a New Zealand based helpdesk where you can ask specific questions or follow-up on your application on +6443819937.

1. The most useful website you can look at this weekend would be and their FAQs page.