Māori Party Disability Policy 2017

Adele Vukula


The Māori Party retains a longstanding and strong commitment to investing in enabling disabled people and their whānau so they have more choices, control and flexibility over support and funding in their everyday lives. This approach applies to employment related issues, including barriers to access too. We also support a wider review of employment laws to ensure that disabled people are fairly catered for.


The Māori Party will:

  • Review the Disability Action Plan to better target solutions focused at specific barriers to a range of employment opportunities that disabled people seek, in order to get more disabled people into paid work and reduce their dependency on welfare or other supports. We also maintain that a collaborative approach between employers and businesses to promote more employment opportunities for disabled people is necessary
  • Increase support for Enabling Good Lives – an approach aimed at supporting disabled people and their whānau to take greater control of their lives and resources to support them. We support extending the Enabling Good Lives approach nationwide, with associated investment in Thinking Differently, Individualised Funding and Supported Living.


As a partner in Government, the Māori Party has:

  • Established the Ministerial Committee on Disability Issues to improve leadership, coordination and accountability across Government
  • Advocated for the first dedicated Human Rights Commissioner responsible for disability issues
  • Created the Enabling Good Lives approach to supporting disabled people as a long-term direction for change to the disability support system and announced demonstration pilots in Christchurch and Waikato
  • Introduced the Think Differently campaign to promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards disabled people, with the Making a Difference Fund
  • Invested in Be.Accessible to promote accessibility of the physical environment and communication.