Blind Foundation Cultural Responsiveness Module

Adele Vukula

As part of their professional development, some staff at the Blind Foundation are taking an online course, entitled, Cultural Responsiveness. This course has been developed for the Blind Foundation. It is hoped that this course will be associated with NZQA Unit Standard 29607 and part of the NZQA Level 7 Diploma in Vision Habilitation/Rehabilitation in the future.

As part of the course, students need to do an assignment which asks them to evaluate their own cultural responsive professional practice with kāpō Māori in an interview situation. They also hope to find out more about their kāpō clients’ (and their whanau, if appropriate) unique cultural, social and linguistic needs. Afterwards, they will then evaluate themselves in regards to how they responded appropriately in the interview itself, and how they have met, or can meet, the identified needs in their professional practice. Some Blind Foundation staff are not currently working with kãpo Mãori and so, with Kāpō Māori Aotearoa support, you may be invited to participate in an interview by a Blind Foundation staff member whom you do not know.  

To find out more, download the information sheet here.