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Biennial Conference 2017 ... Completed!

Adele Vukula

The 2017 Conference was a huge success with delegates attending from Australia, Canada and throughout Aotearoa. Members came together to awhi and manaaki throughout the weekend and enjoy workshops, presentations and performances. 

Blind Foundation Service Co-design Project

Adele Vukula

Could you partner with the Blind Foundation to redesign its services? The Blind Foundation has begun a new phase of transformation, to enable the achievement of the aspirational objectives outlined in the 2015-2020 strategic plan and to adapt to a changing world. 

Access Alliance Events

Adele Vukula

This event will celebrate what we have achieved so far and reflect on what we have learned along the way. We will plan what more we can do to involve disabled people and the disability community in the campaign. 

Te Pou Workshop for Disabled People

Adele Vukula

Te Pou o te Whakaaro Nui (Te Pou) will host a workshop delivered by disabled people for disabled people and offers an opportunity to learn more about human rights and the United Nations Convention.

Access Alliance and Access Matters Campaign

Adele Vukula

The Access Alliance will launch an Open Letter to the leaders of NZ's major political parties, calling calling on them to institute accessibility legislation and level the playing field for all New Zealanders.  The Open Letter will reside on the Action Station online platform, and hard and email copies will be distributed through Access Alliance offices and networks. It will be presented to the addressee’s after the election.

Blind Foundation Cultural Responsiveness Module

Adele Vukula

Blind Foundation staff are undertaking Online Professional Development about how to improve their cultural responsive practice by Incorporating culturally appropriate processes and protocols into their practice when working with kāpō Māori and their whānau/hapū and people from other cultures.

Kāpō Kete

Adele Vukula

These are made to store your cane and look cool. These are the latest orders for Kāpō kete, making their way to Canada!

Access Alliance Advocacy Training

This workshop will provide skills and confidence to community members to become Access for All advocates.