2019-2022 Disability Action Plan Renewal – Tangata whaikaha Māori and whānau Consultation Hui

24 November 2018

Facilitator: Te Hamua Nikora

The DPO Coalition and the Office for Disability Issues are renewing the New Zealand Disability Action Plan and want to hear from tangata whaikaha Māori, whānau members and the disability community.

Kāpō Māori Aotearoa in partnership with the Office for Disability Issues is hosting tangata whaikaha Māori and whānau focused consultation hui in Hastings (November 2018) and Gisborne (February 2019) and invite Tangata whaikaha Māori and their whānau to join us and have your say about what’s important for you to achieve a good life and wellbeing, to participate in and contribute to Te Ao Māori and in your communities.   This invitation is also open to the general disability community.

What’s in it for you? 

  • Your feedback will be crucial in ensuring that there are Tangata whaikaha Māori specific actions in the 2019-2022 Disability Action Plan and that these actions reflect what you and your whānau want Government to improve, fix and or introduce – “Nothing about us without us!”
  • You and your whānau will have the opportunity to meet other Tangata whaikaha Māori and whānau, have a korero, kapu ti and a kai!
  • You and your whānau will be able to have your say in a hui that includes other people who understand where you are coming from!
  • You and your whānau will be hosted by an organization that is 100% Tangata whaikaha Māori led – “By Tangata whaikaha Māori, For tangata whaikaha Māori!”


There is no cost to attend the hui. 


Please help Kāpō Māori Aotearoa and the Office for Disability Issues to ensure that the voices of Tangata whaikaha Māori, whānau and the disability community are heard.

For more details about the hui and or to register your attendance please contact Kāpō Māori Aotearoa:

Phone:  0800 770 990

Email Adele:  info@kapomaori.com

Facebook: Kāpō Māori Aotearoa

Website:  kapomaori.com – “Contact Us” page.


Note to NGO’s: Both the Hastings and Gisborne tangata whaikaha Māori and whānau focus consultation hui have been organized for tangata whaikaha Māori, their whānau and the general disability community.  NGO’s will have the opportunity to share their views at NGO specific DPO Coalition and Office for Disability Issues consultation meetings during February 2019.